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Other Industries and services in Russia

Consulting in St. Petersburg, Moscow and elsewhere in Russia

Our consultants have industry specific know-how, thanks to years of experience in line management and consultancy projects in international and Russian companies,

  • Construction industry: properties, subcontracting, procurement, management, marketing and sales
  • Construction materials: production and distribution
  • Retail and wholesale trade: distribution, logistics, management, published articles
  • Engineering industry: linjat ja machinery
  • Services: airlines companies, travel agencies, banks and gas stations

Although our focus is on magamanet and sales, we continuously work on companies’ other operations:

  • Human Resources. The experience in approximately 300 recruiting cases in Russia is a valuable background in choosing top management, as the recruiting of top managers in Russia can be crucial in the success if the company. In addition to training in management we also provide training in other HR-related matters, such as wage policy
  • Marketing. We help with planning a marketing strategy, a cost efficient campaign and choosing the right channel and in online marketing such as social media and Digital Signage-solutions.
  • Purchase. The reputation of a Finn as a purchaser is bad, typically a German purchaser gets 5-10% better price from Russian supplier! Our other key area is to tackle misuse in purchase.
  • Production. The quality and efficiency of production correlate 95% with the quality of management. When purchase and logistics are well organized and managed and the working atmosphere of workers is improved also the rate of quality and efficiency will increase.
Property search in St. Petersburg, Leningrad Oblast and Moscow

Our consultant has been part of numerous industrial investment projects. We assist in finding and procuring properties for commercial, personal and industrial use. We charge only successful projects!

Production, subcontracting and contract manufacturing

Our consultant has strong knowledge of the engineering industry in Russia and we have initiated contract manufacturing and subcontracting projects in the field. We can also outsource Finnish interim management to support the first phases of production.

Consulting in St. Petersburg, Moscow and elsewhere in Russia