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Interim Management in Russia

The partners of managEast have served as interim managers in Russia in different industries.  Interim manager in Russia is a good choice when a company needs to re-focus, is in crisis or a key person has left the company unexpectedly. Interim manager is available rapidly and  executes the management agenda. Compared to an internal temporary manager, an interim manager is neutral, brings a fresh view to the business and is seen more positively by personnel.

Our customers have had different reasons for the need of interim management in Russia. They all have, however,  needed a proven heavyweight executive to manage a transition period and to help with the future strategy.  Typical projects have lasted between 3-24 months.

managEast provides both interim management and strategy consulting in Russia. Customers get a good return on investment as the company can complete a strategy process during the time a managEast interim manager is on board.

Interim Management in Russia