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Management training in Russia

The role of management and leadership has always been a crucial element in Finns’ success in Russian business and hence both entities are shaped in the overall management consulting and training in Russia:

  • Efficient management in Russia ensures the clarity of a strategy and the participation of key personnel in strategy development. The strategy should be easy to divide into separate measurable goals and tasks for different divisions. Achieving results can be ensured with a carrot and stick approach
  • Strengthening managers’ leadership skills is essential in implementing the strategy in the organization’s daily life. A strong Finnish leadership culture, which supports employees’ personal growth, independency and taking responsibility, has proven to be working also in modern Russia

Developing an organizational culture that creates competitive advantage might be easier in Russia than in the Western world. Most Russians have experienced only strict top-down management and respecting employee’s opportunity in participating f.eg. in decision making has been rather non-existing. You may only imagine the improvement in employees’ commitment if the management hierarchy is lowered. Clear signals indicate that a new organizational culture is strongly welcomed in Russia.

We have developed and created a modern organizational culture in over 20 international and Russian organizations in Russia. We believe that even a short-term management training in Russia can lead to significant changes. Often only small changes in individual’s attitudes can result in larger changes in the whole organization.

Management training in Russia