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Sales management in Russia

CEO’s would like to see more pro-activeness and more growth from their sales teams. In addition to financial figures, detailed understanding of the sales activities is especially important in businesses with long sales cycles. Further, the co-operation between sales teams and supporting specialists is often seen as problematic.

The managEast Sales Growth Concept is designed to improve the performance of large and small sales organizations in Russia, including channel partners. The concept enhances the sales operation in terms of processes (sales process, sales management process, rewarding system) and the people building the success (Commitment, Capabilities and Co-operation).

The Sales Growth Concept has many benefits to the customer. Management gets detailed  facts about the sales funnel and can better manage the sales activities. Profitability improves as pro-activeness and value sales increase. The organization becomes more focused on capturing the best opportunities. The People in the sales team benefit by having a clearer focus and less reporting. They achieve better results with improved sales and negotiation skills.

Sales management in Russia