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Senior Advisors needed for EBRD projects in Russia

Are you an experienced director, industry expert, or a management level professional with 15 years of senior management experience?

As Team Coordinator for Russia at the EBRD Small Business Support Unit I am currently looking for Senior Industry Advisors (SIA) to share their expertise and know how with Russian SMEs. The client companies operate in various sectors from service providers to the manufacturing of dairy products and industrial rubber.

The projects will be executed under the EBRD Enterprise Growth Programme, which helps small and medium to large sized enterprises transform themselves. EGP advisors enable enterprises to make structural changes and develop new business skills at senior management level, helping them to thrive and compete in market economies. EGP operates in conjunction with the EBRD’s Business Advisory Service (BAS).

About twenty Russian companies from different industries will be chosen to join the programme every year until year 2016. Each project will be lead by a SIA. The EBRD pool of advisors consists of 1600 experts in various fields and industries. Now we are inviting new senior level professionals to join. Proficiency in the Russian language is not required as interpreters will be provided by the EBRD.

Requirements for the SIA: Minimum 15 years of executive or expert level experience in the industry of the client company. The SIA may also invite a specialist of a specific field to join the project.

Duration of the projects: 12 to 18 months, approximately 60 consulting days.

Travelling: A total of approximately 8-9 trips to the destination. The SIA will spend for example one week every 5 weeks at the premises of the client company.

Locations: The regions in the Urals, Siberia and Southern Russia and the cities of Petrozavodsk and Kondopoga. The projects in Karelia will be financed by the Finnish government, therefore only Finnish SIAs can apply to Petrozavodsk and Kondopoga.

If you feel you meet the above-mentioned requirements and are drawn to travelling in the vast Russian territory to help Russian companies thrive, please write a brief description of your experience and qualifications to: RiihineT@ebrd.com or to my operative working mail: tapio.riihinen@manageast.fi .

You are most welcome to further information at the EBRD website. http://www.ebrd.com/pages/workingwithus/sbs/work/applyegp.shtml