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Strategy Implementation Concept in Russia

The managEast Strategy Implementation Concept is a straight forward three step process enabling customers to capture the best opportunities available in Russia. The concept is proven to work for both large and small companies.

Step 1. Finding the Opportunities

ManagEast enables the customer to rapidly find 3-5 growth or productivity opportunities in Russia. They can be new markets, customers and/or products, opportunities within existing customers or within the internal operation.

Finding the Opportunities
Step 2. Preparing a Game Plan

For each opportunity a Change Program is designed describing the action needed to improve the company’s performance in terms of offering to customers, processes required and the people building the success.

Preparing a Game Plan
Step 3. Strategy implementation in Russia

Succesful strategy implementation is a combination of clear strategic objectives, implementation of change programs and a managements system ensuring the alignment of daily management and strategy. The most important factor is, however, the people building the success.  The right capabilities, a real commitment and co-operation are imperative to succesfull strategy implementation.

Strategy implementation in Russia