Exports to Russia

managEast has helped almost 30 Western companies to start exporting to Russia since 2001. We quickly assess competitiveness and opportunities of your product in Russia. We simply contact potential customers and suppliers. On behalf of our principals, we organize initial meetings with potential partners, making it easy to embark on your first business trip.

Technical Imports

A Russian customer usually wants to buy custom-cleared goods in Russia, in Russian rubles. Western exporters do not want to establish their own company as they just enter the Russian market. However, it is necessary to do so to launch sales. “Technical import” is the key to solve this issue. We help an exporter to start operations locally in the Russian currency.

Following this model, the exporter only delivers the product to Hamina in Finland to our taxfree warehouse (VAT 0%). We will take care of the delivery to St. Petersburg, including the entire import and custom clearance. Upon that we will help you to start your sales routines.

Key challenge in Russia is not only to find reliable partners and efficient sales channels, but also to engage skilled and reliable staff. Our consultants have extensive and diverse experience in dozens of projects where we have helped several clients find skilled staff. We also provided our services to train new employees to the extent our clients desired.

Sales management in Russia - often the weakest spot in a company

Usually CEOs would like to see more proactive attitudes from their sales representatives in Russia. Along with financial results, it is extremely important to understand local sales activities (sales funnel). There are industries where sales involve various parties and has a complicated structure. Sales management is often the weakest spot in the company. We focus on sales (sales process, sales management process and incentives) and implementation (commitment, competence, and cooperation).

Even a simple follow-up table for leads, quotes, and finally for sales makes the whole process more operational. Consequently, results come quicker. Management receives accurate information about sales projects and can guide operations much more effectively. Profitability improves as the quality of the sales work grows and the organization focuses on best sales opportunities. Employees benefit from employee friendly and clear internal routines, e.g. reporting time and efforts become easier. Sales teams achieve better results as sales and negotiation skills develop.


Myynnin johtaminen Venäjällä

Management and Leadership Develoment in Russia

“All happy work communities in Russia resemble each other, every unhappy community is unhappy in its own way”

(Following Leo Tolstoy)

We have maybe coached management and supervisor teams of Western companies in Russia more than any other foreign consultant. During our 15 long management and middle management training programs (with the Leadership Academy model) we helped companies to restructure their management system. Since 2010, four of the five most successful Finnish companies in St. Petersburg region have passed our management training program (see references).

Successful management has always been the number one success factor in Russia. Both areas, Management and Leadership must be developed on all levels of company: from Top management down to team leaders.

Johdon koulutus Venäjällä

Managing business, ie management, requires the strategy to be clearly described and delivered to the personnel. The strategy must be broken down into easily measurable and achievable goals and tasks for different departments. Various incentives will ensure achievement of the set goals.

Developing people management, skills of managers and supervisors, i.e. leadership, is a key requirement for a gradual strategy implementation. A strong Western management culture that supports employee growth and self-management skills has proven its strength in modern Russia as well.

Developing a corporate culture that creates a competitive advantage in Russia may be even easier than in Western countries. Most Russians have experienced a “machine-like” compulsion to follow instructions. When an employee is first led in a demanding but employee-friendly (listen and participate) environment, the commitment and dedication will follow. Russia now has a clear social demand for a new kind of organizational culture.

We have been creating and developing modern leadership and management culture in Russia in more than 20 international and Russian organizations. We believe even a short (few days) coaching or counselling brings significant development in individual behavior. It begins with a change in attitude and gradually turns into change in the behavior.

Interim Management - interim manager in Russia

managEast consultants have worked as Interim Managers or Rental Managers in Russia, in various industries. Our network also includes Western candidates for rental management who have solid experience in rental management both in Russia and in Western markets. An interim manager/director is a good solution when a company needs a change of direction, is in a crisis or a key person leaves the company unexpectedly. The interim manager may be appointed quicker than hiring a new one. The new interim manager efficiently implements the set strategy. As opposed to an interim manager originating from inside of the company, an externally appointed interim manager is neutral, brings a fresh perspective to the business. The staff perceives such a manager as a positive solution.

Our customers have had various reasons to hire an interim manager. However, every company has had a need for an experienced business leader to lead the company in transition phase and to consult on the future strategy. Typically, this type of projects last 3-24 months.

managEast offers both an interim manager and strategy consulting. The customer gets good value for money, as the strategy process and its implementation are carried out while our interim manager works in the company on daily basis.